The Apple Chicken

"Easy! Can also be made with pork chops.

1 chicken breast boneless
1-2 apples, chopped
butter or oil
apple cider to make gravy
1-2 tsp. grainy mustard
salt & pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 375°. Brown chicken on both sides in a small ovenproof skillet. Set chicken aside. Chop up an apple or two, cook over medium-high heat in a little butter or oil for a couple of minutes. Add about an inch or two of cider. (more=looser gravy, less-thick gravy) Stir in a spoonful of grainy mustard and let mixture simmer for a minute or two. Salt and pepper the mixture.
Bury the chicken in the mixture, place the whole skillet in the oven and cook chicken until done and the cider is cooked down some. Remove from oven and place chicken on a plate. Mash some of the apples in the gravy with a fork to thicken and pour over chicken.

Serving Information

This is really good over mashed potatoes!
Additional Information
Difficulty Level: 1 ·  Preparation Time: 15 minutes ·  Recipe Source: Wendy Wilcoxson, Amherst, VA ·  Serves: 1 ·  Cooking Time: appx 20-30 minutes ·  Where To Cook: stovetop & oven ·