Meet Tom & Lyn Saunders

My wife, Lyn, and I met while we both worked in a nursery in the small town of Cairo, Georgia.  I was an intern in Horticulture from Virginia Tech and she was a Clemson Horticulture graduate working as the propagation manager. Our oldest son, Thomas, finished Virginia Tech in the fall of 2009 with degrees in Horticulture and Financial Planning, and also has a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Georgia. He now lives in Richmond with his wife and my grand-daughter. Our daughter, Christi, is a graduate in Studio Art from Virginia Tech with a focus in painting. She is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing, works at UVA and for Saunders Brothers as our graphic designer. Our youngest son, Caleb, is a Hokie in Mechanical Engineering, has a home in Atlanta but travels the world for his job. Where has the time gone? 

As our family business approaches over 100 years of service, I am mindful of the pioneers both in our industry and in our own business that have gotten us to where we are today.    From engineering advances that have given us solenoid valves and cell phone-activated irrigation controllers to mechanization that offers tracking wagons and conveying systems, times have changed significantly.  Encapsulated fertilizers feed our product more predictably and laboratories produce our new discoveries in record time.  And now, the internet offers our customers near and far a chance to shop so that all predetermined marketing strategies are a thing of the past.  Yes, John Boy, life in rural Virginia has changed more than we could have ever imagined. 

Regardless of these advancements, our team still has to provide unsurpassed quality to you our customer or we fall behind.  In an ever increasing world of legal jargon and contracts to sign, we still believe, as our founders did, that a handshake, fair treatment of employees, and integrity can keep one’s business afloat.  We will continue to practice these same principles.  After a century, the only difference is our ever-changing product mix which will always provide some nice surprises for you.  God willing, Saunders Brothers will still be here to make a difference for you a century from now.  Please stop by for a visit.