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Buxus 'SB 300' PP32421

Boxwood NewGen Freedom®

Beautiful, glossy, green foliage adorns this relatively vigorous, rounded boxwood that is slightly taller than wide. Habit is more uniform and tighter than ‘Wintergreen’ or
‘Winter Gem’ making it an excellent choice for formal and residential landscapes. Deer resistant!
Selected due to good overall insect and disease resistance. Relative vigor creates an attractive plant quicker than many cultivars. Annual pruning is a must for this fabulous specimen.

Prune annually from late winter to early spring. If unpruned, NewGen Freedom® will open up in the center, especially in spring with vigorous new shoots. Thinning is not necessary. Few disease or pest issues when planted and cared for properly.

All boxwood cultivars show some level of susceptibility to boxwood blight under extreme circumstances.
Learn more about boxwood care at www.NewGenBoxwood.com

NewGen® Boxwood